Saturday, December 22, 2012

and then it snowed and the Pug wore bells


Yesterday we finally got snow. Lots of heavy wet snow. 


No one was really happy about it, except for the ducks... it wasn't very cold outside and they were swimming in their dishes, splashing and having a great time. 


Max: Oh man I was hoping this wouldn't happen.
Turkey: Ya me too - my feet are cold!


Lou & Dew: Hey it's great! It's the next best thing to rain 


Flavious: Does this mean I'll get clean? I just managed to get this good coating of dirt on me... 


Bulrush: I'm going to eat really fast so I can go back inside!


As the day progressed, it just kept on snowing. Kevin put the plow on our tractor and did some work, just in case the heavy snow froze and made a big mess. I decided to go back inside and work on a different project...

Dressing up dogs... 


Roald: Well, I'm not sure about this... 


Roald: What's that? Well I do look pretty cute, I know... 


Roald: OK mom, take it off now! 


 I'm trying to get it off but I'm stuck now!


Then came the Jingle Pug... 


Douglas: Seriously, why am I wearing this?


Douglas: This is rather funny! 


Douglas: Does this mean I work for Santa now? Will he pay me with cookies?


Amazingly I caught this shocking photo of Roald and Norman on the couch together. Norman is pretending he's not really there.


Roald loves the couch and thinks he should spend a great deal of his time on there sleeping. When I'm not there and won't allow him up, he cries trying to get up on his own. I can see where he'll spend a good part of his day once he's big enough to get up there on his own.


In other news, the new Backwoods Home Magazine for Jan/Feb has one of my small articles in it! 


Douglas: I'd be happy for you if you hadn't brought that puppy home.


This morning it snowed some more. It was beautiful outside because the snow stuck to all the trees.  I let the animals stay in the barn since we haven't plowed the barnyard yet and the snow was up to the top of my snow boots - so goat belly height. They refused to come out yesterday and I made them, so I thought I'd be nice today.


Roald wasn't worried about much... When he wasn't playing, he was sleeping on the couch...


Ahhh to be so small and adorable and to have so few worries in the world...


The afternoon was really beautiful, but windy. I wanted to go for a walk to take some pictures, our ATV's won't be able to handle the snow unless we put the tracks on our Argo, which we were not about to do today, so I figured a walk would be good... But then I realized as deep as the snow was and as windy as it was outside, straying far from home might not be such a great idea.


It looked like a painting outside though with the dark sky and the snow on the trees. It was peaceful and calm.


Since I didn't go for a walk, I worked in the kitchen this afternoon. The boys all stayed close just in case something interesting happened... or dropped.


I made some spinach and feta packets, Caesar stuffed eggs, pickled eggs and beets, black bean cakes and crab egg rolls.

When I headed up to the barn to do evening chores it was a little later than usual since everyone was already inside the barn safely and I was chasing after Roald. It was dark when I started up to the barn. The barn is about 300 feet from the house. I didn't need a flashlight tonight thanks to the moon, whom guided my way. It was like a fairy tale world with the snow on the trees, the light reflecting off the snow and stars twinkling. I had to walk slowly and stop several times just to take it all in, remind myself to remember how this feels. A night like this is one of the reasons I do love winter. I love how beautiful it is, I love the snow clinging to the trees, me trudging along through the snow with my hay and water, my Great Pyrenees running through the snow and playing... Your senses are strong in the snow and cold, everything seems so much more... real. You breath heavier, you take in the quiet all around you, the quiet you can only have in winter because everyone is asleep or hiding, and even the stars shine brighter.

It's a beautiful time of year and while having the snow makes chores harder, I'm grateful for it. We need snow to promise us a good run of maple syrup in the spring and to help us with a good crop of hay in the summer.

Those two things alone make it worth the extra work.

Are you all ready for Christmas and the holidays? 


Ruth Dixon said...

Beautiful pictures... I love Douglas's expressions. I envy your snow. All we get here is lots of rain with occassional hail. I am close to being done. I should have done some more today, but spent it being lazy instead.

Dreaming said...

Your snow looks so beautiful!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, lots of snow but so so pretty, your yard is beautiful, is that Buck visiting in your yard? what a picture........Oh those gurry kids of yours are so so cute dressed for Christmas, made my day........Happy Holiudays, Francine.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Looks like you've got the snow!! All the pooches seem to be doing well. Puppy is keeping the post stirred! Surprised that the duck's feet don't freeze! Poor things!
Merry Christmas!

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

I agree. The snow is a blessing (I just have to remember that when I'm cleaning it from the property and driving to work in it!). Winter sure is lovelier in the country, isn't it? Your winter scene photos are unreal - especially the one with the deer in it.
I think your pups are good sports to put up with wearing those costumes ;)
Congrats on being published, by the way!
Merry Christmas to Donna and Kevin and all your furry family.

Mountaindreamers said...

What a wonderful farm! Thanks for sharing your pictures, Merry Christmas from the 48th parallel . A quiet life in the country is indeed a blessing !

jaz@octoberfarm said...

snow envy here! mine is melting! your place looks gorgeous! the pups are too cute.

Mary Ann said...

Another wonderful post, and while I chuckled at the dogs... the picture of the pasture with the stag was incredible! Thank you for showing us your beautiful place again, and I'll go look for Backwoods Home tomorrow morning on my LAST trip to the store.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Love your blog! We have two schnauzers who run our house! Will you share the recipe for the spinach and feta packets?

Nana-Bob said...

Love all the pictures! The one with the red barn and the deer is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful and does look like a post card! I can close my eyes and imagine the quiet outside at night in the snow, lol.
I am so glad you share with us and congrats on the article! Merry Christmas Donna!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Beautiful snowy photos! It's so cute how the ducks like the snow. They look like they are smiling!

The dogs in their Christmas suits are too cute! Little Roald is getting cuter each time I see him, if that is possible.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

Congrats on getting your article in print.

Beautiful pictures. Love looking at your snow, but really don't want any here!

Cyra Miles said...

the pictures of Roald and Douglas are so cute..

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