Tuesday, June 26, 2012

From the farm

this is the goofiest picture of Flavious I think ever, fly included!

Here are some pictures of the kids, Jim sent me from home. Everyone is looking good and enjoying the grass and sunshine. Flavious has recovered completely from his surgery prior to our leaving for Alaska and is being his usual goofy self. I do miss them, but I have little to worry about, their Uncle Jim is taking good care of them and they are all doing just fine! I look forward to being able to snuggle all those goaties again though.


 Beatrice and her kid Melvin - who is getting huge! He is such a nice looking buckling - I wish I could keep him for my herd but of course I can't - it's time to bring in new genes, but this little guy is going to make an awesome buck for someone... I'm glad I decided against neutering him, because he's good looking and has a great disposition, like his dad.

Bea and Melvin


Here is my baby, Brina the weed! From diapers and baby bottles to a lovely looking young lady! I cannot believe how big she is getting. She looks so good though, I'm so pleased. She's a lovely girl.

the little ram is growing too!

My Brina girl

smiling Brina

Flav watching the goats

Happy Flavious

Bulrush, Bucket and Sammy Saanen

My baby boy! Sammy :) I just want to kiss that spotty nose!

Isabella Moo in her summer clothes

Action Jackson

Izzie and Jack

Izzie Moo

I will tell you about the Bucket Fiasco later on, my eldest doe has been battling an illness which started just before we left the farm, but she is recovering very well. 

For now, we are off to hopefully get some water tanks so we'll be able to haul water to our property! Wish us luck.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Wild Rose petal tea

It's the simple things in life that really truly make a person happy.

Simple things like taking a short walk with your dogs in the evening, enjoying the cool breeze and the peace and quiet... and stopping to pick a few rose petals along the way which you can later brew into a lovely, calming, rejuvenating cup of tea.

It's simple things like those, that remind me to stop and say a prayer of thanks. Never mind the bad stuff, or the troublesome stuff, or the difficulties there may be along the way. Life is full of beautiful things, and beautiful moments.

The wild roses are coming out here in Alaska, their big bright beautiful pink flowers are opening up to the warm sun. They are beautiful. They make me think of mountains... the prairie... the North... of my dad.

With a handful of petals, some water, and some honey, you can have a little taste of the divine. It takes no time at all, and the way sipping a hot cup of tea scented with rose petals makes you feel... will change your life.... and probably help you sleep better too. When picking wild roses, be sure to only take a petal or two from a flower, so the flower isn't damaged. Of course if you don't have wild roses, you can just use rose petals.

All you need is a good handful of petals and a few cups of water. Clean the petals and boil them until the petals start turning dark and you can start to really smell the roses.. no pun intended ;)

Then just strain your tea into a mug and if you are like me, add a generous amount of honey, or none at all. However you like it. I love the taste of rose and honey together. Definitely a match created by the Gods.

Wild rose on our property

my petals for tea

boiling the petals

time for the honey!

Next up... Wild rose jelly!

A cup or two of rose petals and honey and I'm ready to sleep like a baby and get taken away by my dreams to magical places... or like a Pug....and drive myself crazy chasing a squirrel I can't catch. Depends.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Douglas and Norman at our Alaskan haven

We were out at the property the other day enjoying the sunshine, the peace and quiet out there, and letting the dogs have some fun exploring and running around. Our septic is in now and while we were out there, the guy came back to do some clearing across the road. Instead of clearing more land on our property for us to get the 40 foot 5th wheel in, we are going to back it in. We have to back it in, about 600 feet. Should be loads of fun. 

We don't want our clearing any bigger than it already is though, we want forest and not open space, so it will be worth the extra effort. As long as we get it in, in one piece. 

The boys had a blast. They love it out there. Douglas was anxious to see if he could find any new bones, and we found one, but I couldn't let him have it because it was too brittle and could break, so I just let him have a good sniff instead.

whoa! what is that... hmmm

maybe if I just taste it a little...

ewwwe... I don't know about this...

where did it go??

Douglas even stopped to take time to smell the flowers

where did the bone go? Do you know?

Norman was on a mission looking for anything edible

this is great fun!

where is the food? These cranberries are too bitter

we found another squirrel haven... we have at least three of them on the property

Douglas cautiously checking it out

big enough for a Chihuahua to fall into

the mossy squishy ground

Doug running about

Rodney widening the road with his cat, while Kevin supervises

working away

Norman sunning himself in the truck

it's a rough job, being Norman

Douglas checking out the work

look, he pushed all this dirt up here for me to play on!

Time to go boys!

It's been warm here in the interior the past few days, about 75ish F... Today more like 85 F. Time to get out the sunscreen!

Friday, June 22, 2012

A tailless buck

Jim (our farm caretaker) sent me these pictures from our farm yesterday. He spotted this buck inside the goat pasture (please note my farm security, two Great Pyrenees dogs over 100 pounds each, were sleeping nearby and didn't even notice. I can hope they did notice and didn't care because the buck was harmless, but I know better... more likely they were just passed out.)

He got quite a few pictures of this lovely buck in his summer outfit - and with a nice set of antlers growing. I'm not sure if it's a deer we've seen before or not, they look very different in the summer and the fall and it's hard to tell. I'm pretty sure this buck has been around before though, to not be worried about the dogs, or the barn areas, or Jim.

The strange part about this buck is, as you can see from the photos above, he has no tail. It doesn't look like he was born that way either, it looks pretty clearly like it's been ripped off, more than likely because he survived a coyote attack.

It's amazing the things we've seen, and that Jim was able to get these pictures. We had a doe with a completely broken leg who walked on three legs, we've had deer show up with huge bleeding wounds, and then there is our good friend Torn Ear, the big buck, who had an eye gouged out and now has only one eye. 

Nature is tough. But the animals are made to be strong.
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