About me


My name is Donna. I'm a cook, writer, dog mom, and, goatherd who lives in the forest. 

 Thanks for stopping by, and taking time to visit. If I could, I'd bring you in by the fire, sit you down, feed you coffee and pie and bore you to death with as many stories as you'd let me share about animals. I'm kind of doing that now, except without the coffee and pie, and for that I'm sorry. Sorry about not being able to feed you pie that is, not for boring you.

My whole world is this bit of forest I am lucky enough to call home, and the animals whom I love and tend to. The animals run my life, and if they could, they'd be the ones writing the blog. Sometimes I think they do write this blog... Keep that in mind if you ever notice weird posts. You should also know that, I love my turkeys way more than is considered normal.   

I've recently opened up about my battle with endometriosis (and latest surgery for it that I traveled to Georgia for) and my health struggles. I decided to be a little more open about this since it's a big part of my life but also because I want other people struggling with chronic disease and illness to know they are not alone and that it's important to keep on living, to keep rolling with the punches, and that there is always hope for a brighter day ahead, no matter what.

I'm a country girl...I've been involved with animals for as long as I can remember. I met my husband Kevin when his dog, Buddy, ran away from home and came to my house, a farm 5 miles away from his.... I was there as caretaker for a Sanctuary for special needs dogs and farm animals. Isolated... just me and 35 dogs, a few cows, and a 500 pound pig named Piggy Sue. But that's another story.

 I raise goats on our 700 acre bush farm, but they are all spoiled pets. I have one amazing dairy goat whom provides me with milk for cheese and soap. Most of them are bottle raised kids, who had hard kid-hoods and came to our farm at a few days old. I also have a whole herd of rescued retired rabbits - their sole purpose is to eat, play, sleep, and be happy. I have been rescuing rabbits for over a decade and over the years have rescued and cared for over 100 rabbits. They are a very big part of our life and farm.

I love cooking, growing peppers, making things from scratch, and learning new things and ways to be more self sufficient.

I enjoy living off the land, away from the rest of the world, and in this crazy life I'm lucky enough to have.

I hope you enjoy visiting the blog, I'm sure glad to have you.

You can find some of my recipes and other articles in Backwoods Home magazine too... It's a great read, and I'm not just saying that because sometimes I'm in it either!
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