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Yes, that's right. Yes we live in Ontario. Yes Tok Alaska is 4,000 miles away. Yes we drive there.

It's a long story, but our second home, and our closest friends are in Tok, Alaska. Tok, Alaska, which is a one of a kind place. How it could not be, being the Sled dog capital of Alaska, and the coldest place in North America. Kevin was stationed in Tok with the Coast Guard, and we have been going back almost every summer since 2006.

Both of us have always had a very special place for Alaska in our hearts. Kevin having lived there, and for me, Alaska always felt like where I needed to be ever since I was a little girl... my heart has always been in the North, and in the mountains.
In May of 2010 we bought 10 acres of our own land in Tok, something we've been thinking about for years. Here over time we hope to build a cabin for ourselves to retreat to, visit, and relax at.

We love our farm here in Ontario, but both of our hearts are in the North, in Alaska, and the Yukon. We are lucky enough to be able to spend time at both of our havens.

Last July we got a road put in to our land, and a small area cleared for our cabin. It will have to be widened next summer to make room for the 5th wheel we just bought this August (2011.) We spent 2 months on the road and just over a month camping with our small camper on our land.

Some other reasons we love Alaska...

The Stone Sheep (which are not in Alaska, but along the Alaska highway at Stone Mountain, B.C.)

The views, and amazing fishing in Valdez...

Sea Lions and Humback whales...

Halibut fishing!

Valdez, Alaska

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